Your table plan in 3 steps


Import your guests

Import with the blink of an eye from Excel or your Android contacts


Create your Table Plan

Just drag and drop tables and guests to create your table plan, it's so fun and easy!


Share with your venue or friends

Print your table plan, your guest list or send them an email for them to view live your table plan.

Wedding table plan
Celebrate event

Save time, have fun!

Save time creating your event using MagicTablePlanner, it's fun to use!


Why our users love MagicTablePlanner?


Guest list in a minute

Create your guest list by importing your contacts from Excel or Google Contacts!


Create different versions

Clone your event to test different table plan arrangements


Share your table plan

By sharing the table plan, the venue will be able to view your latest changes, interact with the floor plan and to check-in the guests for your ceremony!


Heroic customer support

You have access to a 7 days a week customer support by chat or by email.


Your table plan in minutes

Drag and drop the tables, the objects and the guests to create with ease your table plan. You can rotate, resize and name tables to customize exactly as you want.


Free up to 30 guests

Test anything you like, up to 30 guests it is free.


What’s our yearly pricing subscription

Free Account


No ads, just free

Unlimited table plans and tables

Limited to 30 guests

RSVP of your guests

Customer support

Premium Account


One year, access to all features

All options from the free package

Unlimited number of guests

Share your event and your guest list with the venue or friends

Prioritized customer support


What our clients say about us

  • Works better than the others

    The main webpage is probably not as inviting as the other table planners I tried (less slick) however Magic Table Planner works better than the others I tried which is why I have taken the time to answer this survey!!

    Emily Rose F.

  • Recommend to my friend

    I would totally recommend Magic Table Planner to my friends. I am very satisfied with the program.

    Despoina P.

  • Removes so much stress!

    Thanks, to have resources like this removes so much stress! Oh and uploading from a spreadsheet made things so easy :)

    Emilie Rose O.

  • Table plan created in no time

    It served me well for our golden wedding anniversary dinner. The table plan was created in no time.

    Geoffrey R.


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